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Why Leave95

Mass Movement For Helping People With Mindset on Entrepreneurship Leaderships and Business, To Find There Place in this little world by leaving 95% who Failed. So here is whats happening. As you always here we go to collect get a degree and find job and stuck in that job whole life working for bring someone else dream come true, Most of us money not work for us we work for money exchange for hours.
So we build Leave95 web movement to help like mind people who wants to leave basically 9 to 5 job (#leave95) means our idea is to help you leave your day job and to start your own business to full-fill your own dreams and desires.
There is one more idea we build this brand name with 2 meaning. Other one is when it come to success right now there almost 5% people who are success in this world,,Before it was 3% and even before that only 1% of all world population lucky enough to achieve their dreams and live lifestyle of their own.
But thank to the Internet now percentage going up with recent statistics there almost 5% of world population live some kind of meaning full life..question is are you one of them? So if you think you are not in that 5% category..Do not worry we got your back,And #leave95 system build that in mind.We want help you. So You can leave that 95% (#leave95), which not achieving success yet..Open Invitation join Leave95 mass movement.
So this is about you lock arms with us and start setting up strong goal and lets achieve it
Wish you all the best!
we are here to help you support to on your success journey…
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